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confess_your_sinsMiasma began as a Tribal Style Belly Dance Duo based in Northern Tasmania, with a performance history dating back to 2005.  As a duo they have featured as part of many festivals and community events both in Tasmania and across Australia, with their performances being described as 'mesmerising', 'dramatic' and even 'dangerous'!  Miasma are well known for combining their skilled, synchronised Tribal Style belly dance with fire and sword to create captivating performances. 

In 2015, Miasma grew to a troupe of six experienced dancers and continue to  offer professional shows to suit a range of events.  Our captivating performances can feature fire, swords, silk fans, Isis wings and a variety of other props to  add drama, energy and interest.  We will adapt our performances to any theme, to help create the atmosphere you wish for your event!

Miasma have proven to be a popular choice amongst local event organisers and have been a regular feature at many events including Devonport’s Taste the Harvest,  George Town’s Tamar Valley Folk Festival, Launceston's Body and Soul Festival and Diversity Street Party in Launceston plus many more.  We now perform with The Drumocracy and can offer live drummers as an extra addition to our performances.

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American Tribal Belly Dance® (ATS®) is a modern, American-born fusion, inspired by the folkloric dances of the Spice Route, including Flamenco, classical Indian dance, and Middle-Eastern and North African folk dances. Tribal style belly dance looks old but is actually new, it is a structured improvisational style of dance, which adds to the intensity and excitement of our performances. The use of the word ‘tribal’ in the name of our style of dance describes how a group of dancers connect and communicate with one another when performing. This and the way that the dancers interact make ATS performances energetic, dynamic, full of life and a pleasure to watch!

For more information about American Tribal Style Belly Dance®, please visit Fat Chance Belly Dance’s site




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